Dr. Dinah

Dearest Dinos,

This is both a happy and a sad announcement: as most of you will have inferred from the significant slowdown and subsequent almost total dearth of posts, Offline Life has been growing steadily busier (and thus difficult to balance with Being Ok, which we all know is super-important)…. and I have now qualified as an Actual Doctor!

This means that Offline Life has grown sufficiently frantic that I sadly don’t foresee having enough time for comic-ing for the indefinite future, so that will be all for me from now.

Thank you all ever so much for your support and I am always happy to hear from you You are all au-some, and I only hope that my work might somehow continue to amuse, but moreover help the other Aspie Dinos out there feel a little less alone.
With much love, Dinah 🦖 (and Buster 🐾)


Dinah apologises for having very little time and energy for comic-ing at present and assures you that she intends to update the dino tribe with further tales of her adventures when resources allow.

In the meantime, she brings you this: